Air Conditioning Services

At Air Africa, we also handle revamps/retrofit on air-conditioning plants, unitary and associated equipment.

Chillers, cooling towers, air handling, units, pumps, fans, switchboards, compressor rebuilds in existing building facilities

Central Air Conditioning Plant
Chilled Water Regeneration Plant
Cooling Towers
Boiler Systems
Piping Reticulation Installations
Unitary Air Conditioning Equipment
Localised Split Air Conditioning Systems
Ducted Packaged Air Conditioning Systems

Air-con Sales

Air Africa are authorised dealers of quality air conditioning brands such as Samsung, Daiken, LG and more

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Air-con Services

We specialise in servicing of all air con units for home as well as commercial and industrial

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Air-con Installers

We offer installations and fitting of all air-con units and brands. Contact us for a detailed quotation

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Air-con Maintenance

Our team of experts are qualified and experienced professionals. We are ready to assist you with all your requirements.

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